Daisy Salinas is a San Antonio-based Xicana feminist zinester, punk musician, fest curator, and activist whose work explores themes of feminism, decolonization, and social justice. Through creating fanzines, punk rock music, and D.I.Y fests, Daisy’s goal is to become the person she needed when she was younger.
Originally about her experiences as a feminist punk of color, Daisy published Muchacha Fanzine in 2010 and it has since grown into a D.I.Y Native Xicana Feminist fanzine that has become an essential space for radical creatives of color. Muchacha Fanzine‘s goal is to promote social consciousness and decolonize minds through dismantling the colonial white supremacist heteropatriarchy.
In addition to zine-making, Daisy’s greatest passion is music. She founded the bands Alien Midwife, Mendiga Desgrasiada, and currently fronts the San Antonio Anti-System Tejana punk act Frijolera Riot.
Daisy’s passion in amplifying the work of marginalized artists also informs her work as a festival curator and activist. She has curated a variety of radical D.I.Y music and art festivals including Fem Fest 2011, Ladypalooza 2011, Femme Fest 2012-2014, Brown Queen 2013, Alien Sister 2015-2016, Xingonas in the Pit 2018, Decolonizing the Tricentennial 2018, Black and Brown Punk Fest TX 2018-2019, and Afropunk in the Pit 2019.
She has also led a variety of feminist art collectives and house venues including Feminism is Not Dead (FIND) 2010-2012, The Dinosaur House 2010-2012, Southern Woman’s Bookstore 2014-2015, Southern Feminist Collective 2015-2016, Alien Sister House 2015-2016, Casa Sin Vergüenza 2017-present, the all-ages decolonial feminist punk collective Xingonas in the Pit 2017-present, and the intersectional grassroots feminist network Feminists Toppling Patriarchy (FTP) Collective 2019-present.
Daisy has been featured in Remezcla, ​Vice BroadlyBust Magazine, Washington Post’s The Lily, Maximum Rocknroll, The GuardianQuirktastic, The Austin Chronicle, San Antonio CurrentSan Antonio Express-News, and in the book Fanzine Grrrls: The DIY Revolution in Female Self-Publishing. She holds a B.A. in English from Middle Tennessee State University and a M.A. in Multicultural Women’s Studies from Texas Woman’s University. For collaborations or to book Daisy to lead a community workshop, panel, or performance, contact daisysalinas56@gmail.com.