Welcome Mi Gente!

In these trying times, it can be hard as hell to fight the hopelessness in our every day lives & in the overall state of the world – this is what motivated me to start my own website.

The purpose of this website is to try to uplift others through my art (zines, music, poetry) by way of reminding us how valuable and powerful we really are – of what a real threat we are to the powers that be.

Our collective power and threat is why they want to destroy us but they forget that we aren’t going down without a fight! We’ll stay dangerous, brilliant, and tear it the fuck up just like our ancestors did. The feeling of ecstatic energy in the moments when we are united & fighting back, that’s something they can never take away. Even when we lose the fight & all else fails, we can at least continue to piss off the oppressors every chance we get by unapologetically being ourselves.

Through our very beings; through our fierce political art, music, zines, magic, healing; at our jobs, online, in the classroom, at the kitchen table comadreando, on the phone, in the streets; organizing, teaching, resisting – distracting & dismantling all their hateful plans!

Us marginalized folks, we’re not here to play, we got mad skills, we are resourceful af & we are here to motherfucking take back the world!

Sending solidarity and light during these trying times. Let’s remember to take care of each other so we can be dangerous together. Rooting for mi gente always & stay tuned for all my projects in the works! ✊🏾

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