Daisy Salinas is a Xicana feminist zinester, punk musician, fest curator, community activist and poet. She holds a B.A. in English from Middle Tennessee State University and a M.A. in Women’s Studies from Texas Women’s University.
Currently based in San Antonio, TX, Daisy uses zines, innovative consciousness-raising hand-made publications, as a tool to initiate social change. She is the creator of her 8-years and running zine Muchacha Fanzine, a D.I.Y. Native Xicana feminist fanzine dedicated to promoting social consciousness and decolonizing minds.
Along with zine-making, Daisy is also a punk musician who began performing in 2016 as the vocalist and bassist of the space punk band Alien Midwife. She is also the creator behind the one-woman folk punk project Mendiga Desgrasiada. After moving to San Antonio in 2017, Daisy started the anti-system Tejana feminist punk band Frijolera Riot. Along with punk music, Daisy is also a poet who performs in the bilingual spoken word feminist collective WAKE-UP – Womxn Artistically Kollecting Experiencias – Unidx Prosperando.
Daisy’s journey as a zinester, musician, and poet has informed her identity as both a curator and community activist. In an effort to amplify the work of other marginalized artists, Daisy has curated a variety of social justice art-based initiatives including: Feminism is Not Dead (FIND) 2010-2012, Fem Fest 2011, Ladypalooza 2011, Femme Fest 2012-2014, Brown Queen 2013, Southern Woman’s Bookstore 2014-2015, Southern Feminist Collective 2015-2016, and Alien Sister 2015-2016.
Most recently, Daisy is the host of Casa Sin Vergüenza, an all-ages safer space house venue. In 2018, Daisy began “Xingonas in the Pit,” an all-ages decolonial feminist punk collective aimed at creating a network of safe radical music spaces in San Antonio and initiated Texas’ first “Black and Brown Punk Fest.”
Book Daisy to lead a community zine workshop or to perform with Frijolera Riot/WAKE-UP! at your event by contacting daisysalinas56@gmail.com