Founder/Fest Curator of Xingonas in the Pit, San Antonio, Texas. 2018-Present.

Xingonas in the Pit is an all-ages San Antonio-based decolonial feminist punk collective aimed at building a network of safe radical music/art spaces. For inquiries contact

Member of Feminists Toppling Patriarchy, SATX Regional Member, 2019-present. 

ftp collective
Feminists Toppling Patriarchy is an intersectional grassroots feminist network demanding the self-determination, social justice, and liberation of all marginalized peoples.

Venue Owner/Host of Casa Sin Vergüenza, San Antonio, Texas 2017-Present.


Casa Sin Vergüenza is an all-ages safer space D.I.Y. feminist house venue dedicated to promoting the work of local women, people of color, and queer artists.

Venue Owner/Host of Alien Sister House, Denton, Texas. 2015-2016.


 Alien Sister was a Denton, TX house venue dedicating to building artistic community based on the practice of self-sufficiency & expression.

Founder of Southern Feminist Collective, Denton, Texas. 2015-2016.

Southern Feminist Collective was an intersectional community dedicated to promoting the artistic contributions of marginalized artists living in the South.

Social Chair, Women’s Studies Graduate Student Association, Texas Woman’s University at Denton, Texas. 2013-2014.

The Women’s Studies Graduate Student Association was created to organize academic workshops, participate in community activism, examine the life and work of Gloria E. Anzaldúa, and engage in spiritual activism.

Co-founder of Southern Woman’s Bookstore, Denton, Texas. 2014-2015.

Southern Woman’s Bookstore was a Denton, Texas social justice-based feminist collective.

Co-founder of Brown Queen: Our Voz Our Arte, Denton, Texas. 2014.

Brown Queen was a Cultural Celebration intended to honor, celebrate, and support the cultural contributions and talents of rising local Latina and other women of color artists.

Co-founder of Femme Fest, Denton, Texas. 2012-2014

The Denton, Texas Femme Fest was a DIY benefit concert and art auction intended to celebrate under-represented female artists and benefit local feminist causes.
Benefit for Southern Woman’s Bookstore, 2014.
Benefit for Reproductive Justice Organization “The Cicada Collective,” 2013.
Benefit for Domestic Violence Agency “Denton County Friends of the Family,” 2012.

Founder of Ladypalooza, Nashville, Tennessee. 2011.

Ladypalooza was a female artist showcase benefiting Tennessee’s Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Founder and Music Coordinator, Feminism is Not Dead (FIND), Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 2010-2012.

FIND was an activist organization that worked to build community in the feminist culture, promoted the fourth wave of feminism, and strove for equality among all people.

Founder of Fem Fest, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 2011.

Fem Fest was a female artist showcase and benefit concert for Murfreesboro’s Domestic Violence Center.

Founder of The Sandwich Fairies,Franklin, Tennessee. 2007-2012.

The Sandwich Fairies was a homeless rights organization aimed at eliminating hunger in the Nashville area by preparing and sharing meals with hungry folks and/or individuals experiencing homelessness.