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Become a Muchacha Fanzine Patron!

As an entirely self-funded fanzine, I need your help with raising funds to keep my publication going. I humbly ask you to consider pledging any amount of your choosing. Patreon makes it super easy (and affordable!) to support creators like me and you can change the amount of your pledge or cancel your subscription at any time. Every single pledge amount ($1, $3, $5+) will help make a difference so that I can build a safe media platform for creatives of color to share their voices. 

A successful patreon fundraiser will allow Muchacha Fanzine to:
1) cover printing costs
2) pay the wages of all our writers/artists (which cover everything from intersectional feminism, LGBTQ liberation, indigenous resistance, black lives matter, & environmental justice) 
3) provide free zine donations to the community
4) travel to and from zine festivals
5) curate and fund educational zine workshops & zine release showcases

Thank you so much for valuing the labor of artists of color and helping to make Muchacha Fanzine sustainable!