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Muchacha Fanzine started a Patreon!

I am always creating & have much more content that I want to share with you all. I want to publish more radical fanzines. I want to produce more political content. I want to organize more events. And I want to get creatives of color paid for their work as creators of culture. This is where you come in.

My work takes both intellectual and emotional labor. If you find value in my work and that of my contributors, I humbly ask that you consider doing the honor of supporting and valuing our voices by becoming a patron. By subscribing, you will directly support the creation of new publications and cover the wages of all contributors of color.

Patreon makes it super easy (and affordable!) to support creators like me and you can change the amount of your pledge or cancel your subscription at any time. Every single pledge amount ($1, $3, $5+) will make a significant impact so that I can keep Muchacha Fanzine alive and continue my resistance work. 

Thank you for helping to make Muchacha Fanzine sustainable. I am eternally grateful and humbled for your affirmation in my work. Let’s continue to practice collective care, mutual aid, and uplift each so we can dare to imagine a new world into existence, together.

In Fierce & Radical Love,

Daisy Salinas