Become a Patreon

Become a Muchacha Fanzine Patron!

Muchacha Fanzine has started a patreon to raise ongoing funding so that we can continue publishing zines in a more sustainable way.
A successful fundraiser on patreon will allow us to:
1) cover printing costs
2) pay artists & writers for their submissions (which cover everything from intersectional feminism, LGBTQ liberation, indigenous resistance, black lives matter, & environmental justice) 
3) provide free zine donations to the community
4) travel to and from zine festivals
5) curate and fund educational zine workshops & zine release showcases including Xingonas in the Pit
I imagine a future for Muchacha Fanzine. A future where we can thrive – not just survive. A future where we can continue to publish work about the important issues that matter to us. A future where artists and writers of color are compensated for our work as creators of culture. But with the high costs of publishing, this future can’t happen without the help of the community. In the spirit of D.I.Y, we are not corporate-sponsored. This means that every single patron is essential to continuing this publication and any amount ($3, $5, $10+) will make a meaningful difference.