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Become a Muchacha Fanzine Patron!

As an entirely self-funded zine, I need your help with raising funds to keep my publication going. In order to sustain Muchacha Fanzine, I humbly ask you to consider pledging a monthly amount of your choosing ($3, $5, $10+).

A successful patreon fundraiser will allow Muchacha Fanzine to:
1) cover printing costs
2) pay the wages of all our writers/artists (which cover everything from intersectional feminism, LGBTQ liberation, indigenous resistance, black lives matter, & environmental justice) 
3) provide free zine donations to the community
4) travel to and from zine festivals
5) curate and fund educational zine workshops & zine release showcases

Thank you so much for valuing the labor of artists of color and helping to make Muchacha Fanzine sustainable!