Frijolera Riot

Frijolera Riot

An Anti-System Tejana Punk Act, San Antonio, 2018.


In your face, feminist as fuck, and brown & proud, Frijolera Riot exists to remind society that if you mess with one bean… you mess with the whole pot!
Daisy: Vocals/Bass
Candy Universe: Keyboard
Scott: Guitar

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Mendiga Desgrasiada

Folk Punk Solo Project, San Antonio, 2017.


Mendiga Desgrasiada EP “La Llorona”

“Mendiga Desgrasiada ‘La Llorona’ EP Review” By Stephanie Dailey @cointossgirl 
I am so happy for Daisy. She has gone through so many obstacles and has healed so much this past year. I’m not only proud of her endurance and strength through this time as well as her accomplishments in activism and now this record, but to call her my friend. I can hear catharsis and confidence shining through this concoction of liberation. Her heart and soul really shines through each song. Each song is unique in its own way and all weave through each other like a story. She deserves every victory she’s received up until now, and I can only hope to give her more attention because god dammit she deserves it.
The opening song, Y Que?, begins softly with an innocent tambourine until the vocals are layered with guitar shreddage by Scott. La Llorona is one of those songs that would make people bob their heads and sway, waving cheap beers (like Tecate or PBR) in the air to the beat. The first two songs have vocals purely in Spanish. White people are privileged to hear over a million songs in their native tongue. I acknowledge I’ll never know what it’s like to not have this. I don’t think I’m too far off when I say it is a empowering and revolutionary act to sing in Spanish in a country that vilifies brown people and where white supremacy becomes more rampant as the alt-right have become more public. There are two bands that make me want to learn Spanish – FEA and Mendiga Desgrasiada.
Reclaiming La Llorona is a speech with no music, but powerful in the delivery nonetheless. It is a call to arms for all women of color activists, dubbed as La Lloronas, to join in solidarity and fight for freedom.
Pangaea’s Clouds, one of the two songs I’m honored to have listened to a “demo” version of, is a garagey song that beams with eerie playfulness due to its upbeat guitars, owl sample that fades in and out, and cheery vocals. The narrative one of struggle to be true to oneself and reflections on thematically desert elements. Pangaea’s Clouds is hinted as a place to escape to where one can be genuine and free.
Loba is the other song I had listened to in its early stages. Probably the most traditionally punk song on the album, it’s a moshworthy tune. One that would feature a pit with latinx punks raging against the capitalist system while simultaneously making something out of this life that is more than just being a wage slave.
The ending song, Healing, is a somber outro to the album. Though the song only features bass notes along with vocals, its subdued aura gives it character. It’s about birth, death, and rebirth. It’s about finding yourself amidst the chaos. It almost feels Taoist in a way, where you cannot have highs without the lows. Daisy ponders on the possibilities of the past and states an ultimatum: if her resistance offered any benefit to make the world a better place for future generations, it was worth it. I can’t speak for the future but only for the present when I say this album has lit a fire of inspiration within this feminist’s spirit just like Daisy herself as in my life.
As the sound clip at the end of Loba states, “The fact that we’re alive and thriving is a big fuck you to all the things that have happened to us.” This quote is a good summary of this album’s overlying mood. It represents the fight against artistic integrity, oppression of brown and indigenous communities, and capitalist notions of worth. It is a pure, uninhibited force of vulnerable expression that is so needed in these times. Each song is distinct, composing an album that is both unique and moving. The songwriting and music shows growth from Daisy since Alien Midwife, as she has branched out and experimented with different styles and clips. I cannot wait to hear what’s next from Mendiga Desgrasiada (hopefully a full length) and am anxious to see them play one day!!! 💖❤️💖❤️👽 Maybe if I’m lucky, one day we can both play our projects on the same stage.

 Alien Midwife

Space Punk Act, Denton, TX 2015-2016.
BAND MISSION: “After centuries of war, greed, environmental degradation, and oppression, inhabitant Warriors Alien Midwife did everything in their power to save their home planet but ultimately failed. Leaving everything behind, they realize they can’t give up because other planets are at risk of following suit. Traveling through the Universe, Alien Midwife are on a mission to spread the message of ecofeminism, anticapitalism, and antiracism in hopes that they can help nurture, care for, and sustain the survival of other life forms.”

alien midwife

Alien Midwife EP “No Mates Madre”

Alien Midwife “Sk8 Bitches” Music Video