Daisy Salinas is a poet and member of W.A.K.E-U.P! (Womxn Artistically Kollecting Experiencias-Unidxs Prosperando) Poetry Collective


We are an all-womxn poetry and performance collective from the Rio Grande Valley. WAKE-UP weaves bilingual spoken-word feminism into performance which claims space for our community. We seek to empower and celebrate the experiences of womxn of color- Xicanxs, Latinxs, Tejanxs, however we choose to self-identify- through the arts for the purpose of solidarity, creating new knowledges and safe spaces for such dialogue to occur openly in the RGV and greater community.
We use creative writing and performances as an act of resistance to the unjust and non inclusive rules of activism not only in society but within our own communities as well. We use themes such that of matrilineal ancestry, lineage, cultural origins, queer women of color obstacles, generational trauma, spirituality, displacement and disenfranchisement and healing in our performed works that reflect our lives in the changing borderlands.

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