Xingonas in the Pit

Xingonas in the Pit is an all-ages San Antonio-based decolonial feminist punk collective aimed at building a network of safe radical music/art spaces. 


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If you’re a person of color & would like to join the Xingonas in the Pit Collective’s MAILING LIST please email us at so we can add you! We want to expand our work by inviting punk/alternative people of color to join our Texas POC punk movement.
The Texas Mutual Aid Fund for DIY Black Musicians is a grant for Texas-based independent Black musicians in the punk/alt/DIY music community whose reliance on live shows has been financially impacted by COVID-19.
Due to the health concerns of coronavirus, Chinga La Migra Fest has been postponed from 3/28/20 to a later date TBA.
The Second Annual Black and Brown Punk Fest TX gathered punk/alternative artists of color from across Texas. Learn more here.
Thick Bitch is a biannual radical, body positive, femme, trans, and nonbinary-inclusive Clothes Swap for plus size, fat, curvy, gorditx, chubby, and/or thick identifying people.
“Decolonizing Art Workshop” In our first workshop led by artist Suzy González, participants discussed critical frameworks when observing art and art history as we studied examples of exploitation and appropriation towards people of color by European artists.
The fourth “Xingonas in the Pit” show presented “Afropunk in the Pit,” a screening of James Spooner’s legendary documentary Afro-Punk followed by an artist talk with black punk acts from across Texas!
Texas’ first “Black and Brown Punk Fest” aimed to unite punks of color across Texas! Learn more here. 
Xingonas in the Pit 2 Flyer
The second Xingonas in the Pit “Decolonizing the Tricentennial” encouraged San Antonio-based artists & participants to dissect what the City’s Tricentennial celebration means to us as indigenous peoples of the area, the continent, and the world.
Xingonas in the Pit Flyer
The first Xingonas in the Pit was an Ojos htx Record Release POC Punk Fest Benefit for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief