Muchacha Fanzine

Muchacha Fanzine is a radically intersectional and decolonial Native Xicana Feminist publication. Influenced by D.I.Y (do-it-yourself) and punk rock feminism, Daisy began Muchacha Fanzine as a feminist punk zine and over the course of 9 years has grown into a larger, submission-based compilation of work by marginalized voices from around the world. Topics covered include art, writing, and political education on indigenous resistance, intersectional feminism, youth liberation, black lives matter, environmental justice, coalition building, body positivity, lgbtq rights, migration, decolonizing travel, & more.


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Muchacha Fanzine displayed at the Brooklyn Museum’s Frida Kahlo Exhibition February 8 2019 – May 12 2019


Muchacha Fanzine displayed at “El Zine: Contemporary Underground Archives” curated by Barbara Calderónof The Latinx Project.


lyyyMuchacha Fanzine “Liberation Youth.” San Antonio, 2020.  Order a copy here!

Muchacha Fanzine “Madre Tierra.” San Antonio, 2018. Order a copy here!

il_570xN.1258494141_dylmSisterverse. McAllen, 2017. Order a copy here!

dtttMuchacha Fanzine “Decolonize Travel.” McAllen, 2017. Order a copy here!

Issue 11Muchacha Fanzine “POC Solidarity.” Denton, 2016. Order a copy here!

selenaMuchacha Fanzine “Celebrando Selena.” Denton, 2015. Order a copy here!

Issue 9Muchacha Fanzine “Body Positivity.” Denton, 2014. Order a copy here!

il_570xN.1274793195_oyqe (1)Women Who Rock! Denton, 2014. Order a copy here!

10527862_10204431143517426_835377138876957340_nGirls Rock Dallas. Denton, 2014. Print.

Issue 8Muchacha Fanzine “Nuestros Cuerpos/Our Bodies.” Denton, 2013. Order a copy here!

Issue 7Muchacha Fanzine “The Coalition Edition.” Denton, 2013. Order a copy here!

Issue 6Muchacha Fanzine “The Case of the San Antonio Four & Other Legal Injustices.” Denton, 2013. Order a copy here!

Issue 5Muchacha Fanzine “Brown Queen: Latina Voices of the 21st Century.” Denton, 2013. Order a copy here!

Issue 4.jpgMuchacha Fanzine “The Funny Female Issue.” Print. Denton, 2012.

il_570xN.828234207_lp68The Thirteen Grandmothers “An Indigenous Guide to Peace.” Denton, 2012.  Order a copy here!

Issue 3Muchacha Fanzine “The Adventures of a Feminist Mermaid.” Murfreesboro, 2012.